Canyon Contemplations       30"x 30"  Oil on Panel       Sold
Day's Promise       24"x 24"  Oil on Panel       Sold
Oh, Wyoming!       30"x 60"  Oil on Panel       Commissioned Art, Sold
Chimesa Study       6"x 8"  Oil on Panel       $249.00  Sold
Peake of the Afternoon       30"x 30"  Oil on Panel        Sold
Awakening       10" x 10" Oil on Panel      $ 400.00 Sold
Graffiti       14"x 18"  Oil on Panel       $1,000.00
Moonset Over Newton       20" x 24" Oil on Panel       $1,900.00
Timeless       24"x 36"  Oil on Panel       $3,450.00
Fat Tuesday       30"x 60"  Oil on Panel     $7,200.00
High Noon       20"x 24"  Oil on Panel       $1,900.00
Absaroka Gold       30"x 60"  Oil on Panel       $7,200.00
Sleepy Absarokas       30"x 40"  Oil on Panel       $4,800.00
Afternoon Drama       24"x 24"  Oil on Panel       $2,300.00  Sold
Snow Melt on the Upper Southfork       24"x 40"  Oil on Panel       $3,850.00 Sold
Winter Pastures       30"x 50"  Oil on Panel       $6,000.00
Approaching Buffalo Bill Dam       24"x 36"  Oil on Panel       Sold
Simple Pleasures       18"x 24"  Oil on Panel       Sold
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Commissions Upon Request

A Winter's Afternoon       24"x 24"  Oil on Panel       $2,300.00 Sold

Viv Mccord

Original Impressionistic Oil Paintings